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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


win, Win, WIN!

     In 1986, at 70, my father was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer which included tumors on his neck and upper back.

     Distrusting it, he refused chemo and radiation, so I did holistic health research, his wife did the cooking and juicing I suggested, and we got him into full remission in 7 months, and he lived till 88. In an attempt to understand what we'd done, I began studying a  pre-med program, but it wasn't right for me, so I've stayed in the alternative health route, primarily in emotional health.

     I am not a doctor, but I have a lay understanding of  what it takes to fight cancer holistically. There are three primary steps - kill it, cleanse your body, rebuild.  As this website develops, I will list alternative cancer approaches from related fields for you to examine.  But the primary purpose of this site is to reduce the confusion for those who want to fight cancer holistically.​

     I now know much more about the body/mind connection, and work with Eastern practices to alleviate stress, which "feeds" cancer. If you want to fight cancer holistically, and understand it from a lay person's point of view, this is a guide to help you design your own research.  I'll share what we did, and what I've learned since 1986. I also work with clients using EFT to help you deal with emotional and physical issues, which are key to sound health.  I recommend you do Emotional Freedom Techniques daily while you fight cancer holistically.

Attack Cancer Now!


Whatever image you have of yourself as you battle cancer, if it is passive, let it go.  If you are mad as hell, then you came to the right place!  Order the guide now!

Cancer Fighting Retreats

Beginning mid-summer 2022, I will be conducting 3 day to one-week retreats for people interested in them, maybe twice a year.  


Participants will learn:

  • the basics of maintaining good health,

  • what to fix and how to cook it, 

  • the three focused areas of overcoming cancer holistically, what to avoid,

  • how to cheat every once in a while without throwing yourself into tailspin and more!


If you are interested in these retreats, please let me know, as interest is what will determine when, if and how much they will cost.  



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